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Grace Cathedral Arsonist Merely "Eccentric"

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Is Paul Addis, the man responsible for setting fire to Burning Man's "man" just a little bit off kilter, or was his October arson attempt at Grace Cathedral warrant the federal charges he's currently being held under? (Felony attempted arson, possession of explosives and incendiary devices— not a bad rap sheet, we dare say.) At Addis's court appearance earlier this morning to set a preliminary hearing for his case, public defender Tal Klement scoffed at the charges, confident that his "eccentric" client would be acquitted of planning to blow the church's lid off with his backpack full of fireworks and such. Dare we imagine . . . it could've ended up just like Florence's Duomo on Easter! (Minus the crowds, costumes and groping pervs, of course.)
· Public defender: Grace Cathedral arson charges 'overblown' [SF Examiner]

[Addis's booking photo from his Burning Man arrest courtesy AP Photo/Pershing County Sheriff's Office via SF Examiner. Paul, it's not looking so good man. Not so good.]