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City Collects Grease, Converts to Biodiesel

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Who wants to lay bets that San Francisco is the only city in America with a municipal Biodiesel Task Force? One that is kicking ass and taking names, no less: Gav and company have announced that every single one of the city's 15,000 diesel vehicles have been converted into biodiesel enviro-machines. And earlier than expected, too; the city set a project completion goal of January 2008 back in 2006. Another "only in SF" city-backed program, SFGreasecycle (this one truly is ours and ours alone, by the way) collects waste grease for conversion into fuel. Ultimate goal: an entire fleet of municipal biodiesel vehicles. Close your eyes, and smell the fries ...

Mayor Newsom Announces San Francisco's 1,500 Diesel Vehicle Fleet Now 100% Biodiesel [SF Gov press release]

[ "Parked" courtesy Flickr photog aqui-ali ]