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"Oversize, pretentious remodel mars Mission District"

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We cribbed the headline above from the Chron, wherein this letter to the editor ran in this morning's edition. One Iris Biblowitz Fran Taylor is not happy about the Sunset Idea House, and she's making it known to the world:

Editor - We live a block from the Sunset Idea House ("Mission District remodeled home goes green to the gills," Dec. 8) and have watched with horror the progress of this pretentious, out-of-scale building. In a neighborhood where longtime residents, many of them immigrant families, are being evicted or priced out, the last thing we need is a million-dollar home. The builder's contempt for the community is perhaps best shown by her insistence that visitors gather at a parking garage and be driven a few short blocks to a location that is an easy walk from BART, SamTrans and nine Muni lines. God forbid people should walk - they may actually have to brush past real Mission residents! The "green" label here applies more accurately to the obscene display of money involved.
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