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Uncross your legs, people: we have a winner. Julian E. Metcalf approached the Curbed SF SWL 337 Planning Challenge with a level of earnesty that prompts us to wonder if he will, in fact, submit this design to the city. At the very least, bro should freelance as a copywriter for development agencies. We'll be dashing off a $300 check to compensate for his brave tenacity in the face of the SWL 337 planning war-to-come; happy holidaze, Julian. We'll be looking out for that FedEx package . . . From the introduction to Metcalf's idyllic vision, "Bay Wood Port."

Bay Wood Port in San Francisco is a mixed use development in the emerging neighborhood of China Basin. The mid-rise development is comprised of two main towers which incorporate the neighborhood’s character and history while supplying a foundation to build its future. The Bay Tower sits on the northern end of the lot and is the main commercial hub. The street level will supply much needed retail space for the neighborhood. The majority of the tower is dedicated to office space, which compliments the neighborhood's recently developed research facilities. The tower’s Rooftop Terrace will house a gourmet restaurant and convention facility. The Rooftop Terrace will be covered with a state of the art semi-translucent material, which allows for a comfortable outdoor dining or convention experience while providing views of the city’s skyline, the Bay and SBC Park.

The Redwood Tower is the residential portion of the development and sits on the southern side of the lot. The tower maintains views of the Bay but is surrounded by Redwood trees to maintain a sense of serene privacy within the residences. Keeping in step with the city’s goals and the need to build a balanced neighborhood, 20% of the residential space will be offered as affordable housing units.

Construction of all buildings will use a modern and LEED certified design. A facade of recycled bricks will be used to blend the buildings into the preexisting character of the neighborhood and provide a natural and comfortable feel in the residential spaces. All windows will use Power Glass, a semi-translucent thin solar cell technology from XSUNX. The tent above the convention center will use the same panels will be placed on top of Redwood Tower.

Beneath the towers the lot will contain 3 floors of underground parking. This will supply sufficient parking for all of the residents, offices, convention or retail traffic and maintain the lot's previous parking use for SBC Park.

By working with the city and community, Bay Wood Port will be a model for future mixed use and environmentally sustainable development while bringing needed retail, events, housing, and character to China Basin.