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Rumblings & Bumblings: Reader Reveal on Alameda, Second Streets

A few days back, we received the following queries from several concerned citizens. And our readers have spoken. Feeling perplexed by the rapidly-changing construction scene? We're at your service, just ask.

Q: "The site is in on Alemeda between Potrero and Bryant. It has been demolished to the concrete slab. Anyone know what is being built there? A Wonder Bread factory used to occupy the address." A: Reader kberger says: On the Alameda St. site: I'm assuming it's a new building for U-Haul. That building was basically a garage, the factory was the large yellow brick building across the street. U-Haul has been heavily renovating the interior of the old factory, it probably was just cheaper to demolish and build on the site of the old garage.

Q: "A small sign of progress, for sure, but on what project? Scaffolding very recently went up at 217 Second Street, in SoMa. It's a gorgeous building; would love to hear the scoop."

A: Reader manys says: I used to work in #2, and while I don't know what it will ultimately become, step 1 will surely be to get rid of all the URM signage via rehab. The stairs are also notoriously and dangerously narrow and steep, so I'm guessing the URM work will also bring some code changes there.