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Holiday Special: X-Mess in the "Nasty Rotten" Mission

The Craigslist housing forums have grown only more amusing in the past weeks as homeowners concoct creative ploys to swap/ shill their homes for the holidays. Introducing Holiday Special, Curbed SF's new seasonal feature. Join us for the next month or so as we study the latest form of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Searching for a holiday swap? Let us broker the deal.

Way to lay on the hard sell, kid. Guess who's making nada on his apartment while chillin' with mom and dad in Aspen for the holidays? Note the oxymoronic juxtaposition of the Avenue D reference couched within a hipster bashing sesh. (And about that taxidermy . . .) :

Important note: The block I live on is a nasty little rotten block. If you know NYC, think Ave. D-esque, but not quite. It’s like a little island of dredges in a sea of hipster shopping blocks and Belgian fusion restaurants. Literally one block away are more Art Academy students drinking PBRs or sipping lattes than I care to mention. My side of my block is OK, but you should avoid the other side of the street like the plague (Lots of drugs, etc), and that is very easy to do. Did we mention that our fair subletter is doing so in order to purchase his girlfriend a Nintendo Wii? Redeemed!
· $350 ~ My Mission Studio for Christmas! 8 nights = $350 ~ (mission district) [Craigslist]