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Curbed SF SWL 337 Planning Challenge: First Runner Up REVEAL

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Yesterday we awarded the Curbed SF SWL 337 Planning Challenge Runner Up award to Jackson West, for "The City That Once Knew How," a plan that featured aptly-named buildings like Bonds-by-the-Bay Tailgating Lounge and the Brown-Burton Memorial and Dog Fighting Pavilion. Today we're on to the First Runner Up award, which we'd like to hand over to reader Tim Halbur for his plan, "ON/OFF/IN/OUT: The Leary District." While we would lose all sense of ourselves if deprived of our MacBook/ iPhone for upwards of 5 minutes a couple of hours, we're happy to see that somebody's watching out for us. $125 coming right at you, Tim. From the intro:
The concept of the Leary District is taken from the infamous Timothy Leary quote, "Tune in, turn on, drop out." Except in this case, it isn't a directive- it's a choice. In the new all-digital world, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a public space that is non-digital to relax and be around people relating face-to-face. Likewise, the usefulness of free, accessible wifi, cell phones and Bluetooth in public are hard to ignore. The Leary District will create ON and OFF public spaces, with additional choices for IN and OUT, like a series of hot and cold pools at a spa.· Curbed SF SWL 337 Planning Challenge: Runner Up REVEAL [Curbed SF]
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· Curban Planning: Enter the Curbed SF "SWL 337" Planning Challenge [Curbed SF] The ON/IN Space will be designed to promote digital communication and accessibility. Free banks of plugs and wifi are accessible to all, and an ON website will feature forums that visitors can use to have online conversations. A central Jumbotron reflects polls taken online and feature videos created by users.

The ON/OUT Space has a similar wifi accessibility, but quiet searching and contemplation is suggested. A fountain creates a meditative wash of white noise. Cell phones are blocked.

The OFF/IN Space will be jammed on all signals- no digital communication is possible or allowed. Yet, face-to-face communication is encouraged. Open-air restaurants, a wine bar and a beer hall (properly separated, of course) create a lively atmosphere. Games, like a giant chess board and bocci ball, are available to all.

The OFF/OUT Space is quiet, contemplative, and completely non-digital. Yoga and meditation classes are given, but the emphasis is on creating a peaceful atmosphere with room for individual thought.

Surrounding mixed-uses are encouraged to adapt to their relation to the degrees of ON and IN in their public space, and renters and owners will, through natural selection, gravitate into the neighborhoods that suit their disposition.

While modern in thought and use, the architecture and style of the Leary District will mimic the beauty of the Mission Revival-style designs popular in Golden Gate Park and the Presidio. Landscaping will resemble the remarkable restoration work done in Chrissy Field, creating a harmonious balance to the public land on the opposite sides of the city. ON/OFF/IN/OUT: The Leary District