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(Still) Burning on 7th and Mission Streets

Live from— where else?— Mint Plaza, we've got the report on the fire that still blazes on at 7th and Mission Streets; we're well past the 9 hour mark on this one. Streets are still cordoned off (though not the Federal Building's courtyard, obviously) and people are being herded around the scene by traffic cops and the like. They've hauled out the Zamboni! Slushy snow abounds, as do several cranes dousing the scene with aqua naturale. As for the building itself, it's bulging and cracking, but no discernible explosion (granted, we couldn't access the rear alleyway). Above (or rather, beside) it all stands the tiny fireman's union, safe and warm— literally.
· Fire Shuts Down Secret Society on 7th and Mission [Curbed SF]

Not a movie set.

Crumbling, but standing.