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Duboce Park: New Pavement, Hope for Dogs

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In a late breaking nabe development, some new pavement was installed in Duboce Park last week. It's been impossible to miss the construction that's now nearing completion. First the fences, then digging, flattening, paving, and Voila— a few short weeks and a brand new path reveals itself, cutting through the locally beloved expanse of grassy dog space.

What we're seeing is Phase 1 of a 3-part plan to establish an officially sanctioned dog play area (DPA, if you will) in Duboce Park (DP, if you will. What? You won't? Nevermind then). Reinforced by a bollard & cable fence, the new path will form the perimeter of "The Field," an off-leash dogspace. The remainder of the park will be divided into two additional unique and obviously-named zones: the "Half Moon" child & adult play area and "The Knoll," a transition area where pets must remain on leashes and assassins must remain in hiding. Curious about phase 2?

Other forthcoming amenities include new benches, extra lighting and a water fountain. Phase 2, scheduled for summer 2008 will improve the existing MUNI stop and children's play area. Maybe it'll even combine the two...although that might raise some safety concerns with whiny parents.

[landscape plans via Friends of Duboce Park]