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Your Open House: A Den For Thieves

Holding an open house next weekend? Well, you might want to consider hiring a bouncer and installing some security cameras because thieves-about-town have recently taken to stealing everything from prescription drugs to antique hardware. Sometimes vistors just sneak out a small item or two during the open house, but other times they'll use the open house an an excuse to case the joint, with the intent to finish job at night. The Chronicle reports that these crimes are rare, but their Sunday article should give some burgeoning young house pirates the inspiration they need. So what can you do to protect yourself? Well...
"Aside from clearing the house of anything of value, not much, say real estate agents. Many ask home sellers to sign forms freeing them of any liability. It really is a matter of being prepared, of 'seller beware,' (Realtor) Britton (Jackson) said. 'I tell people up front that I'm here to sell your house and will keep close tabs on the people who come into your house, but if there are 150 people coming through, something might walk off if you don't put it away.'" And here we thought the only crooks in the game were . . . Do any Curbed readers out there have an open house theft story? Or would any of the more unscrupulous of you care to share some thieving tips? To the comments (or the confessional).
· Open House: If it isn't nailed down, thieves may get it [SF Gate]