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Storefronting: Prada en Route (On The Reals)

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Storefronting is Curbed's regular look at the changing retail scene, with an emphasis on how it impacts neighborhoods. Opening a store? See a store that's opening? Send the deets 'n pics.

After a seven-plus year odyssey rife with drama— most notably, the high-profile failure of Rem Koolhaas's design for the store that wasn't to be— the former Brooks' Brothers-cum-Prada flagship at Grant and Post Streets is said to be opening after the holidays. (Why not extend one more exhausted benefit of the doubt? Holiday spirit and all.) On-site building permits expire at the end of January, and we're hopping that they're not renewed— we thoroughly despise love us the Prada Sport. In the meantime, the place is wrapped up all pretty-like, strutting its stuff-to-be for half-crazed holiday shoppers stumbling through the nabe. Hang tight.

[PS: Thanks to our new favorite informant, artist Sean Kilcoyne of Future Primitives, who watches over Prada progress from his on-street kiosk.]