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Tenderloin: The Postman Cometh?

Much like Kevin Costner in the epic film The Postman, members of The New Tenderloin (TNT) hope that the postal system can help save their beloved hood. Beyond Chron reports that TNT wants a new post office at the corner of Golden Gate and Hyde Streets for two reasons: first and foremost, the Tenderloin just plain needs an actual full-service post office – currently, there are only a few mailboxes on that corner. And second, the optimistic urbanists that they are, community members believe that a full-service post office would encourage more foot traffic in the area, thereby deterring crime— the area is a current drug haven, and some believe that the lack of a proper post office constitutes federal funding of crime. (A little bit of a stretch there, no?) Says Police Captain Gary Jimenez "We need to do more than just conduct crime sweeps of this area. We need to dissuade people from dealing here, and the way to do that is to maintain security. A full-service post office would do just that.” Maybe, but we still think a Yoshi's:Tenderloin is the way to go.
· TNT Kicks Off Post Office Petition Drive [Beyond Chron]

[image courtesy Beyond Chron]