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Update: Temporary Transbay Terminal Plans

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Ardent nabe blog Rincon Hill SF reports a fair showing of hands at last night's Temporary Transbay Terminal meeting. Basic deets as follows:

· The TTT ( Temporary Transbay Terminal as it will henceforth be known in this post) will occupy the area surrounded by Main, Howared, Beale, and Folsom Streets in Rincon Hill. · Construction set for November 2008; phase one to open in August 2009, phase two set for October '09. Existing TT will be closed in August, and the eastern TT ramp removed from Beale/ Howard. Golden Gate Transit and SamTrans will be relocated to the new terminal by October

· TTT closed by 2014 to make way for Pelli Clarke Pelli and associates. [Ed note: A reader has noted some ambiguity here— the TTT won't be closed to literally "make way" for PCP (nice acronym). Instead, as the knowledgeable commenter notes, each building constitutes a separate project occupying its own site.]

· Housing (affordable is the word as of late) and a park will appear on the TTT site thereafter.

· Community concerns include pedestrian walkways, fumes from idling trucks, traffic, bus routes, parking— usual SF fare

· December 13th Temporary Transbay Terminal Meeting Notes [Rincon Hill SF] [Image courtesy Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects]