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Curbed Cup First Round: (4) Potrero Hill vs. (5) Mission Bay

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Brace: it's that time of the day again. More and more of you of you are voting in each round (see, haters) and yesterday turned out to be the closest draw yet: The Mission (a.k.a. Mission Dolores, a.k.a. "The Mish") bumped the Fillmore district with 135 votes (55.6% ). Fillmore nipped at the Mission's heels with 108 votes (44.4%). For our last first round match up, we present Potrero Hill and Mission Bay. Again, both have weathered a storm of change over the past year: The Potrero is chugging along, and the nabe now boasts its very own Whole Foods, too. To cite Merriam-Webster's most recent addition: w00t! Mission Bay is overwhelmed with construction; take a jaunt along Berry Street for your pick of some of the most highly tauted developments in the city (Arterra, 255 Berry, Esprit Park, what have you). And forget-me-not the impending SWL 337 civil war redevelopment effort. Luckily, our readers already have that one in the bag.