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Eater Tastings: Shutterings, Openings, Samplings

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1) "Karma, thou art a bitch" says Eater of Luisa's, the now-known den of iniquity operated by one Luisa Hanson, the local resto killer restaurateur most recently responsible for the closing of local favorite Barleycorn. Earlier in the week, the resto was straight shuttered by the Department of Public Health— not closed temporarily for renovations as indicated by a hand-scrawled sign in the window. Rodents are an immediate threat, as is the presence of food judged to be in poor and/or unsafe condition, the definition of which is "Any food is adulterated if it bears or contains any poisonous or deleterious substance that may render it impure or injurious to health." Dude, we're about to hurl.

2) Beloved 18th Street mainstay Delfina is branching out to the Upper Fillmore/ Pac Heights nabe2406 California Street, to be precise, the current home of Zao Noodle Bar. Eater scooped the addy, natch. Missionites, share nicely now . . .

3) Sometime during the spring, a new wine bar will open on Yerba Buena Lane. Except that said spot is not that: Press Club bills itself as an "urban tasting room," not a mere wine bar. And you know, we sorta buy it: Six wineries are currently signed on to host mini tasting rooms within the 9,000 square foot space, providing one-stop shopping for those too inebriated to make the drive to Napa. Bonus: For those wineries that don't host tastings at the vineyard, Press Club may provide one's only chance to sample.