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Chu Launches Homeless Crusade, Gavin Admits Naivete

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Way to stir up the shit pot, Giuliani. Sunset (district 4)interim supe Carmen Chu reiterated Sunset residents' outcries against homelessness in Golden Gate Park during a public proclamation. Like just about everyone else in the city (and certainly our readers, by all indications) Chu demanded that the City— police, human services, et cetera—formulate a plan to address the Untouchables, as she claims that more folks are living in the park following recent efforts to oust park dwellers. Spoke the Gavin: “There was a homeless problem in the Sunset before we stepped up enforcement in the park,” and adding that it was “naïve” to think that increased efforts in the park would not prompt some homeless to move to other locations. Tonight's Monday night's community meeting on the subject will surely command a stirring performance by Sunset residents; 7 p.m., Sunset Rec Center. Post-meeting ping pong tourney optional.
· Chu says homeless in Sunset [SF Examiner]

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