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Trading Up: SPUR Urban Center En Route

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[Exterior rendering; all renderings courtesy SPUR and Pfau Architects]

The SFBG has published a very in-depth (and yet, unillustrated) article on the changing face of SPUR (San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association). We, of course, are most interested in the org's new Urban Center, a $16.5M, 12,000 square foot building at 654 Mission Street that will replace their current offices at 312 Sutter Street. Designed by local Pfau Architects after a European model, and with a projected opening date of 2009, SPUR will boast the first urban center west of Chicago. Construction will begin in January.

Though the new space will house staff, SPUR also envisions the building as a welcoming space for the public— a lending library, free gallery, and an expansion of educational programming are in the works. Slight controversy: Inevitably, some nabe activists are upset that that SPUR will build with $8M worth of taxpayer cash, all received in the standard form usually applied to non-profits. Shocker. Back to those renderings . . .



Assembly room

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