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Curbed Cup First Round: (3) The Mission vs. (6) Fillmore

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You love it, OK. You love it and you know it. Underdog— or rather, under-seeded— Hayes Valley plowed Rincon Hill yesterday by a landslide— 140 votes (70.4%) to 59 (29.6%). An upset! Another day, another round: How do we feel about the Mission and Fillmore districts? Each has scored quite a bit of action over the past year: The Mission keeps gentrifying developing on, with the Mission Valencia, Citrino, Precita Eyes, and Chelsea Park projects having taken center stage in 2007. And it certainly isn't stopping there— new condos recently opened on 20th Street, construction's underway on 14th, and smaller, independent building efforts are popping up all over the place. On the resto front, Bar Bambino and Farina proved the nabes' biggest debuts, though if we're lucky, perhaps Conduit will reveal itself before the new year. As for the Fillmore district, redevelopment effort are taking history into account, attempting to revisit neighborhood days-gone-by: the Heritage on Fillmore is enjoying a fine sales report, while major players Yoshi's and 1300, also hit the scene. What say you then?