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New Lanes Now: SF Bikers Protest, Receive Good, Bad News

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First the bad news: It's been over a year since San Francisco has seen the fresh striping of a new bike lane, and dammit, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition isn't going to stand for it anymore. Yesterday saw over 100 bikers rally at city hall to protest the slow implementation of the city's bicycle plan. The problem stems from a prerequisite environmental impact report that's taking a little too long to process, putting the plan a year behind schedule. However, there's also a bit of good news for bicyclers this week.

Construction has almost finished on the new east span's bicycle and pedestrian lane. The 15.5-foot-wide path is being built one foot above the roadway on the south side of the eastbound deck and will extend from Oakland to Yerba Beuna Island. Even better news? There's a renewed effort to extend the lane from YBI to San Francisco, and not on the future bridge, but on the existing west span. Berkeley Assembly Woman and hero to cyclists, Loni Hancock told KCBS News: "If we want a bicycle path on the second half of the Bay Bridge, we can do that. It's a matter of the choices we make." To help make this happen, she has introduced legislation to curb traffic and help pay for the extended bike lane. So what are these new lanes going to look like? Funny you should ask, because we've got the visuals.

Riding into San Francisco Oakland from Yerba Buena Island

From Oakland to YBI.

An actual photo of the bike lane's progress.

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[top image via Sfist, bridge photos via fluckr user Thornley]

[renderings via Alex Z Home]