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Sundance Kabuki: Greener Than We Thought

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Two of the most trumpeted features of the new Sundance Cinemas Kabuki are the green aspects of the design and, if our commenters remarks are any indication, the availability of alcohol. Rest easy, you eco-friendly drunks, the Chronicle reveals a few more details today.

Not only does the new theatre use the more obviously recycled materials shown in our previous photos, but the stadium-style seats will be made from recycled plastic, while the food containers "will be served in compostable corn-based containers and eaten with 'spudware' utensils made from potatoes." And yes, the Chron points out, this means it is possible to digest your fork.

As for the alcohol? The Kabuki will be the only theater in town with a liquor license. Drinkers are invited to enjoy the film from a reserved seat in the balcony and encouraged enjoy the bar or lounge afterwards for some enlightening Post-Cinema Discourse (not included as part of the $3 per ticket amenities fee). The Sundance Kabuki— whose name, now that we think about it, sounds like a sequel to Jackie Chan's "Shanghai Noon"— opens to the general public this Friday.
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Sundance Kabuki Cinemas

1881 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115