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Curbed SF Answers: Holy Land on Dolores Street

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A few weeks ago, a reader wrote in asking about the Golden Gate Lutheran Church at 601 Dolores Street. It's a gorgeous building in an incredible location, but of course, there's a catch: massive seismic retrofitting needs to occur before it'll be ready for occupancy. Who could step up to this challenge? Who could, as the marketing pitch said, "navigate City departments and answer the calling of this property"?

That man has been revealed as Siamak Akhavan, who appropriately enough, is the owner of seismic retrofit engineering company, BMP Construction. Assisted in his purchase by the real estate team-up of Woodruff-Miller with Hill & Co, Akhavan will not only make his home in the newly secular space, but will also provide non-profit space to the community. So there you have it. You ask, Curbed SF answers.
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