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Coming Soon: Monastic Condos on Upper Market

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Yesterday's announcement of impending development along South Van Ness Avenue prompted a reader to remind us of the open lot on Market Street, between Octavia and Laguna Streets and adjacent to the LGBT center. Funny, we've been wondering the same. Enter once more the double team of Christiani Johnson Architects and BayRock Residential. Slated for completion in "several years," (though city approval was granted in 2006) the 80 foot high building will harbor 113 rental condominiums at around 850 square feet each. Extensive glass curtain system promised, along with a so-called Zen Garden and roof deck, all near the "European-like thoroughfare" Octavia Boulevard. We'd make some crack about suckers living so close to the noise, but compared to those hovering over the bay bridge, this development's noise levels should prove itself a veritable monastery.

[World's smallest rendering courtesy Christiani Johnson Architects]