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Curbed Cup First Round: (2) Rincon Hill vs. (7) Hayes Valley

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Ding ding! Following yesterday's vote, the first in the Curbed Cup tourney, SoMa edged out— OK, more like "delivered a sharp elbow to"— North Beach with 58% of the vote (106 votes) to NB's 41.8% (76 Votes). So SoMa will move onto the second round. But back to the first— first round, second match up: Let's pit Rincon Hill against Hayes Valley. What with all of the One Rincon Hill/ Infinity madness, the area barely needs an introduction. Beyond the buildings, Rincon Hill also saw much public art action over the past year. We've been watching The Hayes rise up in Hayes Valley, adding more cache to this trendy 'hood. On the resto front, Rincon Park will soon host Epic Roast House and Waterbar, while the Infinity will welcome restaurateur Nancy Oakes. Notables Bar Jules, and La Boulange popped up in Hayes Valley, too. So off we go— to the polls!