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SF Homeless Blog Exists, Is Popular

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Now this explains why we spotted Rudy surfing the internets at the San Francisco Public Library yesterday. SFist has picked up on a few online developments run for and by San Francisco's homeless population: Both the SF Homeless Yahoo group and blog are updated a hell of a lot more than many of the sites we read, that's for sure— 20 messages in the last week alone on the Yahoo chat board. SF Homeless supports its own Flickr page where, just like Anderson Cooper, contributors "keep them honest" (them being the city and local shelters) by uploading pics of bathrooms, shelter meals, and such which are in turn subjected to group analysis on the blog. Blogging vérité? Most def.
· SFHomeless Yahoo Group [SFist]

[Breakfast at Hospitality House Shelter courtesy Flickr group SFHomeless]