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Presidio Starbucks Arrives Next Month, Protesters Catch On

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The news that a Starbucks will overtake local Perk Presidio next month first leaked nearly a month ago; the cafe is situated in the David Letterman Digital Arts Center, in the Presidio. It was only a matter of time, of course, until a critical mass of anti-corporate protests formed a rain cloud over the project— on the national level, even. One Scott Silver, executive director of the Wild Wilderness (some environmental group based in Oregon) is concerned that other parks that adopt the Presidio's biz model— some as far away as New Jersey— will join the corporate chain gang. Neighborhood activists are blaming the Presidio's exemption from Prop G, which requires chain businesses to garner permission from the nabes/ city before opening — that's how the 'Bucks was pushed off the corner of 5th and Geary a while back. Adding a classic twist of irony to this already torrid story of urban strife, San Francisco's Maritime National Historic Park is the first national park to harbor a Starbucks— since 2004. And let's not even think about dragging Don Fisher's Presidio master plan into this one ...
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