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Development Watch: 5800 Third Street

SocketSite delivers the latest deets on 5800 Third Street, the former Coca Cola factory rehab now underway at the behest of Noteware Development and the Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group (UIG). Christiani Johnson Architects are tearing it up in San Francisco—one week, three posts— as they have designed the 338 condominiums slated for first phase completion in 2009, second in 2010. Prices will kick off the mid-$200,000's for the 47 Below Market Rate (BMI) units, while the rest begin around the mid-$500,000. Adding to viral in-building premium grocery store trend, a Fresh n' Easy Neighborhood Market will occupy some part of the building, natch.
· Speaking Of 5800 Third Street (A Development/Developer Update) [SocketSite]

[Rendering courtesy Christiani Johnson Architects]