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CA Academy of Science Shelters First Residents

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Yesterday marked move-in day at the future CA Academy of Sciences, which welcomed it's first living residents. Four trees were installed in the four-story glass sphere that will eventually house the world's largest rain forest display. The four ton, 30 foot tall, ecologically fragile trees— Brazilian beautyleaf, black olive, mahogany and water chestnut— have completed a precarious 18-month journey from their native home in Florida.

In a dramatic article narrating the long and difficult process of importing these trees, the academy's associate director, Chris Andrews, tells the Chronicle that the newly planted trees aren't (*ahem*) "out of the woods yet". They still have to "set down roots" (literally), "establish themselves" (figuratively), and "recover from their trip" (literally and figuratively). Designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano, the Academy of Sciences will open next fall and is expected to obtain a platinum LEED rating - the highest possible.
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[Image courtesy the Chron]