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Taxi Driver Abhors Circus, Refuses to Drive Big Top

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Like the sting of childhood embarassment felt when being stuffed into a holiday-themed sweater or itchy, ill fitting school uniform, we now know that the hideous taxi-cabs-as-circus-big-tops recently spotted around the city are forced onto drivers by the City Taxi Commission. Says the anonymous taxi driver whose blog, SF Taxi live, chronicles his observations while on the job:

I feel horrible for the drivers who are being stuck with this nightmare of a cab. Not only would I refuse to drive a taxi like this, I would refuse to ride in one. I as a taxi rider want to retain some of my dignity. I don't want to ride in a big top on wheels. It looks like a gag vehicle from an 80's teen movie. I urge the Taxicab Commission to cease permitting these grotesque taxi wraps, immediately.Puts those City Car Share graphics to shame, no? Ohhh . . . we feel a car decor watch coming on. Seen a vehicle that could stop traffic by sight alone? Send that pic, stat.
· The City's grotesque taxi wraps. [SF Taxi Live] [Image courtesy SF Taxi Live]