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The Ploy: Desperado Prods Buyers With Prius

Welcome to The Ploy, an award ceremony for those with the best (or worst) marketing skillzzz out there. Expect to see The Ploy pop up when we stumble across a (sometimes tragically) clever scheme— and we're not just talking price reductions and free microwaves here, people. Who's thinking outside the box? Please, do tell.

Props to Redfin for catching this one: The owners of 143 Forbes Avenue in San Rafael have not only slashed the price of their quaint Marin bungalow by $40K ($939,000 to $899,000), but will also award a brand spanking new Prius to the lucky buyer at close of escrow. While we generally endorse Marin/ San Rafael as a weekend getaway/ retirement destination, we've gotta admit: this offer beats down any we've seen by developments here in the city. Screw the custom cabinetry and mini fridge, people— You're not that easily impressed. (Or are you?)
· Buy a House, Get a Prius! [Redfin]

[Image courtesy Ev World. No Photoshoppage here— these British expats actually sport the "Eco Car" look while cruising around Malaysia.]