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Curbed Cup First Round: (1) Soma vs. (8) North Beach

A few weeks back we announced that Curbed network blogs the nation over are closing out the year with a reader vote to award the Curbed Cup to the Neighborhood of the Year, fantasy football style. During the coming weeks, we'll be holding an 8 round elimination tournament to determine which nabe took the most radical, newsworthy turn during 2007 (so yes, some have already been eliminated— our condolences, Outer Richmond). Shall we then?

Seeded at number 1 is SoMa, obviously— we just can't quit our Minty Fresh. The Federal Building, Transbay Terminal Towers, 155 Mission, SoMA Grand, BL?, 1234 Howard, 1 South Park . . . the list goes on. This neighborhood is blowing up. Number 8 seed North Beach, while significantly more sedate development-wise, still saw some action over the past year. Despite recent nabe infighting over pizza and fro-yo, NB still slid in as one of the nation's top ten neighborhoods. Have at it!