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Rumbling Rumor: Wild Cat on Albion Street?

Earlier in the day we posted a Rumblings & Bumblings reader query on a rather questionable bit of renovation on Albion Street. According to this rumor, drunk trustapunks aren't the only plague on the block. This just in:

Word on the street is that there is a crazy, feral cat that haunts that site. Goes by the moniker of "Oswald" - like Lee Harvey; dig? Apparently the construction workers are scared crapless of this thing and they all walked off the job sending construction to a grinding halt. We're having trouble imagining an entire construction crew fleeing the scene in fear of a cat. And yet we'd love to hear that this rumor is actually true. Any carpenters perusing Curbed SF on their lunch break are encouraged to pipe in below, or via the tipline. Justice shall be served.
· Rumblings & Bumblings: Mission Mess on Albion Street [Curbed SF] [Image courtesy Icanhascheezburger]