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God Save the Queen: Giuliani Advises Gavin on SF's Homeless Policy

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Following yesterday's visit to San Francisco (the one where he called NYC a more liberal town) Gavy paid Rudy 5 cents for some advice on our policies regarding homelessness; Rudy said that cities cannot give the impression that the homeless "have the right to live on the street." As if Gavin was having that. Said his spokesman, Nathan Ballard:

Let's be frank" . . . "Mayor Giuliani had to be forced by a court order to provide enough beds for the homeless people he was arresting. Mayor Newsom takes a more compassionate approach that connects homeless individuals with ... the services they need to get back on their feet. Rudy caught hell all about the city— and not only for his right-leaning political bent: at his new fave diner, Mel's, a patron delivered the quiz down over his use of a taxpayer-supported security detail when traipsing off to Long Island for covert "relations" with then-mistress Judith Nathan. See, we're socially conservative, too!
· Giuliani has advice for S.F. on dealing with the homeless [SF Chron]
[Rudy Giuliani in drag at the 2000 Mayor's Inner Circle Press Roast. Note to Rudy: Control top pantyhose next time, mmmkay? Image courtesy]