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Curbed Inside: Japantown's Sundance Cinemas Kabuki

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This week will see the public opening of the new Sundance Cinemas Kabuki theatre. Rebranded and renovated, some already consider it the most attractive movie house in San Francisco. Designed by Berkeley-based ELS architects, the renovation of the former AMC Kabuki 8 utilizes post-consumer recycled woods, repurposed metals, locally reclaimed resources, and live bamboo plants. And although they're not LEED accredited, the theater strives to maintain an eco-friendly facility by recycling and composting its waste. Complementing their slick new look, the new Sundance Cinema offers some hoity-toity perks targeted towards the more discerning moviegoer: reserved seats, 2 restaurants, live film introductions, and a special over-21 seating area where guests can pair their fine films with fine wines. Intrigued, Curbed stopped in this weekend to grab a few preview snaps.

With Friday's grand opening coming hot on the heels of last week's unveiling of the preliminary plans for the J-town Center, it looks like the much anticipated / much dreaded Japantown rebirth is finally underway. Kanpai!

The ticket window / "concierge" desk shows off some of those repurposed materials.

A view from the lobby up into the new Kabuki Bar and Bistro

An interior view of the Bar and Bistro; unfortunately understocked as of Sunday.

Repurposed planks are used throughout the theatre renovation. Here, they adorn the walls of a new balcony bar and lounge.

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