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One Rincon Hill Elevators Have Brains, Will Travel

[One Rincon Hill live elevator action courtesy The Front Steps]

One Rincon Hill's elevator system will meet its maker sometime in the next few weeks, when state inspectors will try its ability to save passengers' precious tails should the cables snap or somesuch, causing an all-out free fall. The test: weigh the thing down as if filled, and send it plummeting to the ground at full speed. (The building's 4 elevators can ascend 61 floors in 29 seconds— now imagine that in reverse.) Though One Rincon Hill is ass ugly isn't so easy on the eyes, perhaps this is a case of brains over beauty; an "artificial intelligence system" installed in the system is designed to sense the need for elevators in the building. We're assuming that it will take time to develop the "intelligence," however, as its memory forms from use by a critical mass of residents at given times of the day. Late January move-in should be good times.
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One Rincon Hill

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