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Rincon Hill Ripoff: Outdoor Funds Funneled Elsewhere

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Rincon Hill Nabes Association: not happy. Rincon Hill SF kvetches about open space— or lack thereof— in the area, fuming that while $2 per square foot of commercial space is collected by city developers solely for the improvement of public spaces, that figure skyrockets to $11 for residential real estate. By Rincon Hill blogger Jamie Whitaker's estimate, such development in the Rincon Hill and the Transbay Area should net around $50,000,000 for open space improvements in the area. Problemo? The fundage is being funneled to other parts of the city— namely, to those with strong merchant or nabes associations (hello North Beach!). While Whitaker does place some culpability on Supervisor Chris Daley, he ultimately blames the nabes itself: "it really comes down to the residents of Rincon Hill not chewing somebody’s ass to pieces in City Hall on a regular basis and fighting to make sure those funds are spent within Rincon Hill." Saddle up, and ride . . .
· Development Impact Fees Collected in Rincon Hill Used in Other Neighborhoods Because We Don’t Have a Voice in City Hall [Rincon Hill SF]

["Rincon Park" courtesy Flickr photog aurmanita]

Rincon Park

270 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94105