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Park Terrace Sales Update: There's Still Time

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[image and stats courtesy SF New Developments]

Let's begin our day with a nice, fat pic and a few quick stats to make you feel poor (or not), shall we? Park Terrace update: 23 flats, 12 townhomes, and 3 1-bedroom units remain up for grabs. (Location assist: #422 @ 803 sq. ft., #522 @ 803 sq. ft, and #719 @ 962 sq. ft.) Prices: 1-bedrooms are priced from the low 700’s to the low 800’s. Townhomes average around $906K to $1.7M, approximately, for 1200-1950 sq. ft. of space. The motherlode, a 3 bed, 3 bath 2406 sq. ft. townhome is asking for just over $1.6M.

This block of Legos mid-rise, 7-floor building sits at 325 Berry Street, in Mission Bay, squarely in the middle of "condo row," as we're fond of calling it. Standard set of bells and whistles: landscaped courtyard, fitness room, Wi-fi enabled conference room. Parking for all. Note: It is unknown whether Park Terrace residents will be able to access the kayak rack— it's quite a schlep anyway, if you think about it.