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Kayaks It Is: Mission Creek Sports Park by MKThink

[Images courtesy MKThink/ us]

A reader wrote in yesterday to inquire about the hut-like structure above, which sits next to the Edgewater apartments on Berry Street, in Mission Bay. We now have the answer (courtesy one of our savvy commenters). The Kayak House & Maintenance Facility is part of the Mission Creek Sports Park, designed by architecture firm MKThink. Judging by the website, it appears that the plan was drafted in 2005, to be completed by 2006. That time line has obviously gone to pot, but nevertheless proffers a pleasantly landscaped land of basketball, volleyball, and tennis facilities. [Confession: at first, we thought the basketball hoops— still wrapped in black screening, mind you— were some sort of solar powered lighting system. They do look to be lower than regulation height, no?]

Though situated beneath an overpass, the project is without its share of whimsy: The Kayak House "references the nautical history of the site and is clad with a combination of translucent polycarbonate panels and ipe wood slats." Still waiting on the panel/ slat reveal. A boat facility and— brace— human-powered watercraft are promised. Paddle boats galore!
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