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Eater Tastings: Locals Love Wine, Waffles, Language

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Eater Tastings, our code name for what really amounts to a weekly gossip sesh with our brother blog, Eater SF.

1) Restaurant-goers love the porn, too. Witness Local, the hotly anticipated SoMa restaurant whose dashing good looks are made even more so by its— ready the smelling salts now— self-contained wine shop, which promises 250 wines upon opening (projected date: November/ December), with plans for mass expansion thereafter. Swoon.

2) Wednesday marked the dawn of a new era in San Francisco street vending as a Belgian sugar waffle truck sparked a near riot at the Civic Center, selling out of their $3 offerings within just a few hours— but not before promising a return trip next week, same time, same place. Like Pavlov's dogs, we await.

3) Eff the lol cats: we're all about Little Sheep, the global Mongolian mega-chain (with a new San Mateo outpost) and our latest source for horribly botched prose/ small animal imagery. From the official website: "Inner Mongolia Little Sheep Catering Chain Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock company initiated by natural person. The Co., set up in Baotou, which is known as “City of Deer” in August, 1999, mainly deals in chafing dish of special flavor in the form of chain restaurants, combining flavoring and meat processing industry." Yum.