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Above Average?: 45 Juniper Street #1

Amazing what a wide angle camera lens can do for a place: 45 Juniper Street #1 is a loft property whose 1529 square feet are parsed over three levels— yet it feels more expansive than that to us, judging by the photos. You? While the first of three bedrooms and baths are situated on the upper level, the other two are relegated to the lower level or, dare we call it, the basement. (This unit does sit on ground level, after all. Lighting issues? We suspect.) The building sits in mid SoMa, off of Folsom between 10th and 11th Streets— just a stone's throw from Costco. (Bulk toilet paper needs: solved.) High ceilings, hardwood floors and carpet, new kitchen, lots of granite— nothing out of the ordinary. $899,000 or $588/ per with HOA dues of $365/ month. (First sold in 2001 for $635K and again in 2004 for $710K.) Our tentative assessment: thoroughly average. At this price however, we suggest a closer inspection before making a final call. Never know where the sleeper agents may be hiding.
· 45 Juniper Street [MLS]