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Paradise Lost: Oil Slick Reaches— gasp! — Marin

Oh poor, disenfranchised, foreclosed Marin— Head for the hills! Heard about those 58,000 gallons of fuel that spilled into the Bay— our Bay— yesterday and closed down the beaches— our beaches— while you were off playing in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood? Some of those gallons are floating merrily across the bay and right at you! While none have yet reached shore, oil slicks have been reported off Paradise Drive in Tiburon and near Bayfront Park in Mill Valley. The rocks at Kirby Cove are also coated, says Chris Godley, the emergency services manager for Marin County. If ever there was a time to board a little red trolly and get the hell away from your houseboat ...
· Spill closes S.F. beaches; oil reported off Marin [SF Gate]

[We are experiencing a severe Photoshop inferiority complex here; chart-o-graph courtesy the SF Chronicle]