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Mint Plaza Update: Just Can't Let You Go

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[Ce n'est pas un "Photoshop rendering." Image courtesy bluebottlemintplaza's Flickr page]

Save the theatrical performance kertuffle between SFPD's Mini-Me and one Mr. Drunken Homeless Man we documented a few weeks back, have we really failed to stalk our our on-again-off-again lover, Minty Plaza, for this long? How absent minded of us! Only the restaurants are lagging behind at this point, and you'd better believe that Eater SF is on it like piss on bricks:

1) November 4th came and went without so much as a peep from Chez Papa, who is now in hard training for November 16th, when Gavin will venture into the area for the grand opening ceremony. The Pops is still hoping to open its doors beforehand— hold on to the dream kid, and keep on hustling toward that finish line.

2) Blue Bottle Cafe has its own Flickr page—hey, at least it's not a blog—and by the looks of things oracle Eater's predictions are on target: it's gonna open second, we just know it.

3) Sushi Groove— how tedious you've become. Just last week the Chron reported that Dolce Vita, a Tuscan trattoria, will be taking its place. However, Minty Fresh's P.R. people (love you guys!) claim to be "working" on the Sushi Groove lease. Out? In? TBD.

4) Limon? Still expected to take over 418 Jessie, though it's too early (believe it or not) for us to speculate on the unsealed deal. Holding ...
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