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No, Seriously: Marin Plagued By Oily Buildup

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Every once in a great, rare while we become overwhelmed with guilt over some slap-dash post or another: Marin, we owe you (and your impending trolly system, and your houseboats) an apology. Earlier today, the oil hadn't actually reached your shores and we naively believed that the Coast Guard or Captain Bill (dock folks, you know who were talking about) would contain the slick in the nick of time. We were wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. The Marin Headlands are soaked down, as is Point Bonita— the junk has made its way as far as Stinson Beach, even. Birds' mellow: harshed. Now we truly are wondering: Marin shore dwellers— houseboaters, yacht owners, and fishermen alike. How fare thy (floating real estate investments) vessels? (And thee, of course.)
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[Adulterated photographs courtesy the San Francisco Chronicle]