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The Deal: 33rd Avenue, Sunset

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Ultra-modern architecture often allows for snap judgments: spaces are spare, corners clean, surfaces slick. Some homes, however, require— or even inspire— a closer look; this Sunset spot, located at the corner of 33rd Avenue and Santiago Street, proves an example. Join us for a visual exercise, readers. Using your mind's eye, remove the overstuffed furniture, curtains, and rugs. Relocate the plants, clear the mantel and de-clutter the kitchen (and abolish that pot rack above the stove while you're at it). Pare it all down, then dare to do what so many don't: broker a peaceful existence between Charles Eames and crown molding. Or what have you.

Be very, very smug about your accomplishment— and not because you're a design prodigy or anything like that. Smirk away, shrewd friend: you've found a $2200/month diamond in our shit-tastic rough of a rental market. Spend the surplus on a shrink to work through your neighborhood credibility issues: this house isn't located in SoMa or NoPa or Pacific Heights, but for this price, we trust you'll recover soon enough.
· $2200 / 2br - BEAUTIFUL CORNER LIGHT HOUSE with FORMAL DINING ROOM (sunset / parkside)