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Energy for All: City to Fund Solar Panels

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Following in the footsteps of Berkeley's recent measure, Gerard Sandoval has proposed a program to loan residents the money to pay for rooftop solar panels, to be repaid with the money residents will supposedly save over 20 years or so. Another feel-good plan by a local Board of Supes Rep, or a truly progressive solution? Heck, don't we buy enough on credit? This is doing it more, first on a municipal level by bonding; then a second level with individual loans to the homeowners. To say nothing of the costs of maintaining the things. Admirable effort, but can Mr. Sandoval turn his attention to a wider-spread solution? San Francisco's dense population, crammed into condos, high-rises, and other multi-unit housing, should all be able to contribute to energy-saving efforts, not just those with individual roofs. May we suggest taking a page from France's playbook and exploring more nuclear power for California? (We know, we know—not in our backyard!). Other alternative solutions welcome.
· S.F. supe: Solar panel plan pays for itself [The Examiner]

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