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That's Rather Hideous: "Penthouse Studio" in SoMa/Southbeach

That's Rather Hideous is the report filed by Curbed SF's own interior design vice squad, putting downright ugly, spectacularly strange, or just plain bad pads on notice. Spot an offender? File a complaint. Witness protection guaranteed.

While we generally have a difficult time reconciling the words "penthouse" and "studio," this listing is making it particularly difficult to make that associative stretch. Our forensic investigation revealed the following damning clues: Pergo floors. (Shall we even continue?) Conspicuous and repetitive mention of mineral-based finishes and or foreign origins: "Italian granite counter-tops/slate flooring/double-sided beveled-glass cabinets;" "new slate flooring and granite bathroom vanity." Darkness. Smallness. A horizontal bathroom. You get the picture. Case closer? Price: $2150/ month for a penthouse? In this market? Verdict: false advertising.
· $2150 ***LUXURIOUS PENTOUSE STUDIO!!!!*** (SOMA / south beach) [Craigslist]