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Road Trip!: WIRED LivingHome Tour

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Taking a trip southwards for a moment, we'd like to remind you that only three days remain in the WIRED LivingHome tour (snatch up your tickets here). For those who can't make the journey, the uber-fastidious project website allows one to "go behind the scenes!" with a 360-degree multimedia tour of the entire process. (Serious destructo- and constructo-porn here, people.)

Yes, yes, yes the house is stupendous, we're sure— pimped with gadgetry galore, green as all get out, et cetera, et cetera. An even greater show of ingenuity, however, lies in the WIRED LivingHome online store. While the shop is chock full of admittedly enviable home designs, the domestic function of some remains cheerfully doubtful: Meet Mr. Yard Snake, Branch Home's $36 non-yard ornament. (we type, removing credit card from wallet while crossing one holiday purchase off our list).
· WIRED LivingHome [website]