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On the Market: 100 Garcia Avenue

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Ahh, sweet luxury: 100 Garcia Ave. pampers folks in many ways. Its nice, easy-to-remember address; its large (5,600 sq. ft), amusingly triangular lot; and its location in the very nice Forest Hill Extension neighborhood . . . wow, you might almost think you were in Forest Hills proper. This 5 bed, 4 bath Spanish-style house is looking for $2,888,000; will those auspicious eights really help? The property last sold in April 2006 for $1.55 million; the MLS listing claims a complete remodel. It does look sweet, but we're not sure a "complete remodel" would justify approx 85% appreciation over two years. Still . . . at 3,823 sq. feet we're talking $755 per, which is probably fine for the area. They pulled out the all stops here— luxurious amenities abound.

Like a sauna. Seriously. And stagers' magic is prevalent: bright walls; plenty of exposure for those beautiful, red-toned hardwood floors; nothing blocking those sweet views; paying proper respect to that fireplace. The outdoor area seems lovely as well, with stone and tile, though we might do something different with some of the landscaping. Not sure those lovely floors work so well with the kitchen, though—the cabinets and floor being so close in color turns us off; and of course there are marble counters and stainless steel appliances. Ubiquitous and boring, even if you think it's nice. Also, not crazy about one of the bathrooms, which is done with "red onyx full slab stone." It's a little busy, and that's the kind of thing you just can't replace easily. The master bath, with the huge jet tub, does the trick, though.

Props to them for making choices rather than going all safe and bland (aside from aspects of the kitchen). If you like what they've done, it's ready to go out of the box. They've definitely done a lot of nice things—the challenge will be to see if the sensibilities of those who can afford it match up with the recent redesign.
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