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Plopped!: Live and Direct at 170 Off Third

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We paid 170 Off Third & Associates (i.e. 177 Townsend and 170 King) a site visit today, hoping for a little illegal construction action or, at the very least, a peek at the plop. Out of the 10,000 pounds of stainless steel installed last week, only the sperm octopus facing Townsend Street is obviously visible from the ground. Third Street? Judge for yourself from the pic above. The reliefs along King Street are most conspicuous of all, if anything because they clash against the building so terrificly. Tragic. Having such difficulty getting a clear view of the steel spectacle, we're now wondering just how "public" this art will truly be. (Sparing King Street, which is too public for its own good, in our opinion.) It's obvious that owners occupying the inward-facing units can see what those from the ground cannot. All for the best?
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Townsend Street's strongest swimmer

King Street's little mermaid