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Face Off: Coffee Bar Favored in Bout Against Starbucks

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After yesterday's anti-corporate uprising over a Batteries Plus retail outlet, we just knew that there must be a Starbucks rearing its head somewhere in the city, lording over a small business or two. Has a new, strong contender entered the ring? We suspect so. Potrero Hill, the "up- and-coming," "artsy," and "cutting edge" neighborhood that agents love to tout as such, will soon host a new coffee-and-cake cafe in the former Arc Cafe, at the corner of Florida and relatively quiet Mariposa Street. Coffee Bar is the brainchild of Luigi di Ruocco, Jason Michael Paul, and Michael Richardson, the people behind Oakland's infamous Mr. Espresso. The no doubt soon-to-be neighborhood favorite will open within the end of the month— just down the street from 'bucks-a-roo, that is.

Coffee lovers should be delighted by a lounge area primed for brew flights and special tastings, some infused with liquor, too— one perk that Starbucks does not offer. Our dear Eater SF asks: "If Coffee Bar is all the gourmet rage—Blue Bottle with atmosphere—it's cracked up to be, it should be able to resist the empire, but here's a thought: how will Coffee Bar affect Starbucks' business?" Funny, we seem to recall another Starbucks-run enterprise in the area that fell flat on its face a few years back ...
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