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Civic Shill: Open House Fronts as Polling Station

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Civic duty, or sleazy shill? Writes Sharon, our newly crowned Curbed SF Reader of the Month:

Went to vote this morning at 900 Persia Street in the lovely Excelsior District. Not only is it a polling place but as it turns out, it’s also an open house. The agent for the house is standing around in the polling place loudly greeting all the voters and yelling down the street “The Polls Are Open!.” I actually thought he WAS the head of the polling place but I quickly realized he’s just making the most of the opportunity to hawk the property. He’s chatting up all the poll workers and is SUPER enthusiastic about voting! So I go to turn in my ballot and he’s right there to hand me his business card and a flyer for the property and then point helpfully to the sign hanging from the ceiling giving the URL for the property’s website. I’m really surprised he didn’t take my hand and walk me through the place. I checked out the website and it’s not too awful. 6BR for $888,888 (Note the Open House sign strategically positioned next to the Vote Here sign!)

For the record, the agent for this property is listed on Prudential California Realty's website as Narit Bunchlen, no doubt a true patriot and believer in life, liberty, and the pursuit of ... dollar dollar billz, yo. Remember readers, don't forget to vote!
· 900 Persia Street [Prudential California Realty]
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